A pumptrack is a continuous loop that can be completed without any pedaling just by compressing and pumping trough the manmade obstacles. Pumptracks are not only technical but also really physical which makes them a perfect tool to improve your all round biking skill.

Dirt jumps and trails:

Trails have the same flow as pumptracks. You can use your pumptrack skills and take them to the next level. Trails and dirt jumping are all about flow and airtime. A Perfect way for all those kids out there that want to push their limits, learn new tricks and have a good time with their friends.

Xc and Enduro trails:

This is what comes to mind when people talk about "mountain biking". Basically it's a ride through the forest with your friends.

Our Xc trails are a bit more technical. They require the usual pedalling, but steering and line choice play an important part as well. This results in a fun way of improving your physical condition.

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Downhill Tracks:

We build everything from novice to pro level. Fast & loose or slow, steep & technical. Or both? Natural terrain (ruts, roots, holes , loose trail surfaces,...) mixed with manmade obstacles (jumps, berms, gaps, drops, rocks,...). Or manmade only (A-line style), or natural only? Unlimited possibilities for all you people out there that love going fast.

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